Many of us, who grew up before the turn of the century, can relate with the fact how we used to wait for a new calendar during the first week of January every year. That craze however has died with the current generation, however we can never negate the advantages those printed Daily Calendar Templates had over their digital counterparts. Printed calendars provided us with instant reminders. It saved the pain of logging in into any machine. Keeping track of several different things at one place was easy and required only a pen, instead of ten different apps. Lastly they aided in our endeavor of decorating our rooms on a low budget. Here are some sample templates of printed monthly calendars that you can use to relive the magic of days gone by.

Printable Company Monthly Calendar

This is a 12 page printable company monthly calendar format that follows a very minimalistic design. The calendar has an image on the top part of the page with the provision of printing the name and slogan of the company on the top right hand side. The dates of the months are given on a white background on the bottom part of the page. The calendar has a fully customizable design and covers all 12 month in a single EPS file. The printable version comes in A3 page format.

Printable Calendar

This version of printable calendar has a very professional and compact look. The calendar is designed in monochromatic colors and is divided into three parts. The first part has space for writing down the agenda for the day. The second part is dedicated for monthly agendas for the year, while the third part is dedicated for long term yearly agendas.

Monthly Calendar 2015

This sample of monthly calendar 2015 has a simple design and follows a crisp and clean layout. The calendar consists of 25 pages with one page in every month dedicated to the images and dates and the other page to the planner. The calendar comes in three different colors and contains a help file along with CS4, CS5 and CS6 files.

Sample Monthly Calendar Template

This sample monthly calendar template has a simple design. The calendar is designed o a white background and consists of dates on the previous and forth coming month on each page. The files are available in both PSD and PDF format and supports 300 DPi along with CYMK colors.

Blank Monthly Calendar

This example of blank monthly calendar is a fine of example of artistically designed desktop calendar. There is no JPEG or PNG image on the calendar and each month is designed on a background that has images of small hearts in different colors. The images however are fully customizable as per the user’s choice. The calendar is dived as per days in a week and can also double up as a weekly planner for the user.

Printable Monthly Calendar

This version of printable monthly calendar has a very simple and elegant design with the name of the month appearing on the top middle portion on the page, followed by the presiding and forthcoming month of the year on either side. The calendar has a 12 page format and is available in two different versions, where the user has the option of choosing a week that starts from either Monday or Sunday.

Monthly Calendar Print Out

This sample of monthly calendar print out has a unique design which follows only 5 days a week starting from Monday and ending on Friday. The calendar has a 12 page format and is designed on a white background. This calendar is particularly very helpful for kids and professional to plan their lessons or work as per the five working days of the week.

Month Calendar Template Free PDF

Free Sample Month Calendar

A printable version of yearly calendar is a great way of keeping track of your everyday job in an effective way. These samples of monthly calendar templates would surely help you to plan your day, month and year in a better way without the intervention of modern technology.

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