What kind of property are you leasing? It could be a warehouse, an industrial property, a restaurant, an office building, a retail store, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, you do not want to be leasing it without a commercial lease agreement. This legal contract will give the renter the right to make use of the property in question, during the leasing period specified. The lease can be as short or long as you make it. No matter what kind of commercial Lease Agreement Templates you’re looking for, you can probably find a sample of it here.

Cases Where You Can Use a Commercial Lease

In general, an agreement of this kind should be used whenever there is a commercial property to be rented. More specifically, it is useful in the following situations.
– You are the owner of an office building. You wish to rent it as work space to other individuals or business concerns.
– You are the owner of industrial space or a warehouse. You would like to lease it to another Sample Business Templates for their use.
– You would like to lease any kind of commercial space from another business or individual.

Responsibilities Covered in the Commercial Lease

Naturally, the landlord or leaser has certain conditions, and these are all mentioned clearly in the commercial lease agreement.
– Specifications and uses of the commercial property.
– Whether the lease is exclusive or not, and other terms of the lease.
– Operating utilities, costs and taxes.

The commercial lease agreement can cover everything, from improvements that the tenant is allowed to make to whether parking is free or not. Whether the lease that you require is a fixed end date lease, a periodic lease or an automatic renewal lease, you will be able to find a sample here, free of cost.

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