Competitive Analysis Template is a table that aids a company or organization to compare itself with its competitors based on the products and services they offer. The table can have two or more rows depending on the number of competitors the company is being compared to, but the first row must contain the name of the organization in question. The components of the template are; overview, additional value, details and cost.

Competitive Analysis Template

Fully Printable Competitive Pricing Analysis

Website Competitive Analysis

Competitive Gap Analysis Template to Edit


These template word includes a high-level outlook at the goods or services or both that the competitors are offering their clients, compare and contrast to the ones your company is offering.

Additional value:

The sample template also contains information regarding the value that your competitors products and services provide to a potential customer, beyond what is in the basic overview.


Do not just state the obvious, get a little deeper into the details of your product or service, so that your client feels more informed and thus swayed to go with you instead of your competitors.


It is a very important part of comparison but should not be looked at in isolation, because by understanding the details and value of a product, you can better compare the cost with your competitors and set your products and services at the right price.

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Competitive Analysis Sample

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Competitive Analysis Report

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