22College is the last level of education in which students gets the course they want that will be the profession of their life. They say having to college is a privilege and must be give importance by students, applying to universities is one way of getting their lifelong dream to study at their wanted campus. Students can have the Highschool Resume Templates done at Microsoft word to start with, they can use it for universities they need to register as applicants.

They can highlight their educational attainment and achievements in school, most importantly the course that they want to have with in that particular university so they can be accommodated appropriately. Students must follow some formats for their resume depending on the universities they are applying to.

College Resume Template PDF


This sample of college resume template is available in PDF format and follows a centralized text orientation. The template starts with the name and education of the student and is followed by interest and activities. A systematic list of different types of awards and recognition which the student has received throughout his academic career is highlighted.

Sample College Resume Template


This sample of college resume template has a very neat and clean sample layout with clear margins and borders. The template as usual starts with the name and contact information of the student. This template begins with the professional objective followed by a list of different types of professional experience. The last section is dedicated to educational qualification. This template is especially significant for a student who wishes to focus on the professional aspect of their work.

College Resume Template Free PDF


This sample of college resume template is a rather long and detailed resume template and is suitable for someone with lots of skill set and work experience. The template covers various topics like work, education, college leadership activities, science related experience, customer service experience, volunteer experience, communication experience and various skill sets of the student.

College Resume Template Word


This sample of college resume template in Word format is not really a template, but rather a guideline of certain points which should be kept in mind while drafting a resume. You can also treat this template as a blank draft and feed in your information and get a basic resume ready within minutes.

College Resume for High School Students


High School Resume Sample


College Resume Template Free


What Is The Importance Of Resume In College?

A college resume would help you to highlight all your significant achievement and rewards during your academic career. While going through all your achievements you can develop a thematic approach towards your career. It would help you to understand what sets you apart and what you excel in doing. Once you are done with your resume, you can transfer this information to your college application form easily. A well prepared resume would also help your teachers and professors to write a better recommendation letter, highlighting all your achievements.

How to Write a Good College Resume?

Before you sit down to write your resume, it is important that you write down all your achievements, rewards and recognitions that you have achieved so far in your academic career. Once that is done, start by including your major achievements and honors. Mention your skills and all other activities including part-time jobs which you might have done during your vacations. Lastly arrange your resume in a chronological order. You can start with either the most recent entry or can start with the most significant achievement. You May also See Resume Cover Letters

How to Write an Entry Level Resume?

Writing an entry level resume, especially when you do not have any major achievements to boast of, is really very difficult. While writing an entry level resume, you should typically start with a headshot of yourself and links to your social media platform. Since you do not have any work experience, it would be a good idea to focus on skills and academic qualification elaborately. Once you are done writing about your education, sum up your resume with details about your various achievements and recognitions which you have received throughout your academic life.

Resume sample for people with experience can be easily found; however, for freshers this feat is not easy. The samples of college resumes would help you to understand the format of writing an academic resume, and give you a good idea about the information which you should include and the details which you can preferably omit.

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