With life getting more and more hectic, it is important that you have an organised approach at everything. This is why a need for a good organiser tool is so crucial. With such a great tool at your disposal, you would be able to keep track of every move that you have to make throughout the week, month or the year. Our Calender Timeline Templates come in excel as well as word format which would be perfect for your organisational needs.

You can download the free sample Timeline Templates among the several examples available and use the print to make your life so much easier.

Calendar Timeline Template Sample

calendar timeline template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Editable PDF
  • Ms Powerpoint
  • Pages

Size: US, A4


Project Timeline Calendar Template

project timeline calendar template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: US, A4


Twelve Month Timeline Template

twelve month timeline template


This template helps organize your schedule and it is designed in a monthly format. This helps organizing your day to day activities in a To-do list for every day. A twelve month calendar template will keeps one up to date regarding all the activities that are expected to be performed on the day throughout the year. The template provided here is vibrant and looks attractive. Attractive looking organizers have more chances of being used regularly than plain ones.

Calendar Timeline Project Schedule Template

calendar timeline project schedule template


This template can be used when a project is under way and needs to be scheduled in a calendar format. This will have a timeline bar placed horizontally on the top of the page. A vertical bar can denote all the phases that the project needs to go through until the finish.

Monthly Calendar Timeline Template

monthly calendar timeline template


This type of calendar template is similar to a twelve monthly template, except that this is an organizer for a single month. Here all events and activities of the month can be organized in a daily format and reused again when the month is up.

Bible Calendar Timeline Template

bible calendar timeline template


Calendar Timeline Template PDF

calendar timeline template pdf


Calendar Timeline Slide Template

calendar timeline slide template


Educational Calendar Timeline Template

educatianal calendar timeline template


E-rate Timeline Calendar Template

erate timeline calendar template


Timeline Calendar Template

timeline calendar template


Why Does One Need A Calendar Timeline Template?

A calendar timeline template helps in organizing schedules and creating reminders depending on the kind of timeline required. It has varied uses in business as well as day to day activities.

For people who are organized and have deadlines to do everything, a calendar timeline template is extremely useful. You may like Marketing Timeline Templates.

What is The Attraction of a Visual Calendar Template?

Humans are visual creatures who place too much importance on what they see. An attractive template for a calendar helps people grasp the content provided in the calendar with relative ease, as when compared to a verbal or a plain written format. Calendars are like a mental model that imprints the activities to be done in a person’s psyche.

Can Calendars Be Used For Anything Other Than Organizing?

Calendars can be used to record history, interesting facts etc.in a chronological order. A calendar does not necessarily have to be an instrument to help in professional activities but can also be used for knowledge.

Calendar timelines are extremely useful in keeping oneself organized and on schedule. These calendar timeline templates consist of various types of templates that can record events or organize a person’s life and all of this can be easily obtained in physical form as the templates placed for download are either pdf or doc format files. These templates will help create the perfect calendar thus keeping the user on track.

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